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In my practice, I work with clients to help them discover and connect to their own inner wisdom and strength.  Through the use of NLP techniques, I help my clients explore the barriers, both internal and external that prevent them from embracing their authentic self.

As a healer I use energy work, guided by my intuition, to help you balance your own energy system and open up your own inner channels.  Using guided visualizations and meditation, we will explore your own intuition as you learn how to listen to that wise aspect of yourself. 

In our coaching sessions, I will work to help you connect to your own understanding of your purpose and inner vision.  We will explore your limiting beliefs and hesitations that prevent you from fully stepping into your truth.  

As a spiritual coach, I will walk with you as you explore and deepen your connection to God, as you understand it.  Supporting you as you walk on your own journey of spiritual growth. 

I am a certified NLP coach, with a degree in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.  My own journey of self-exploration and healing has taught me that compassion and love are my biggest assets; both for myself and my clients.  We will work through your limiting beliefs without judgment, using love and compassion to help you to connect to your own sacred heart. 

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Intuitive  Healer  Coach

I am a certified NLP coach and intuitive healer.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from JFK University and have recently relocated to Hawaii in pursuit of a Master's degree in Religion.  While attending the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, my research will be focused on energy medicines used in Eastern religions.

My passion and purpose in life are to help others connect to their Light and inner wisdom.

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“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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